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Musically Monstrous


Who Are Musically Monstrous?

Musically Monstrous Promotions are here to support the artists and audience of
old-time, bluegrass and American roots music by promoting low cost concerts with reasonable ticket prices so as to provide good value to both artists and audience. Our hope is that we can attract quality known artists and give an opportunity for lesser known artists to reach a wider audience.

Most concerts will be held in the barn at The Three Horseshoes pub in Towersey.

Doors open at 7:30pm. Artists on stage at 8:00pm. Finish before 10:30pm.

Any variations to this format will be noted against the individual event

Mailing List Twitter

Or email Mark Wallace at musicallymonstrous@talktalk.net

Ticket Pricing and Concessions

The price of tickets is set with consideration to the needs of the working artist and also with respect to the challenges facing the disposable income of the audience.

Tickets will be half price to dependant offspring who are under 18, not working and living at home. Equally, students who are continuing their education i.e. under 24.
Pre-school kids get in free but if they are howlers then please use your discretion and resolve the howling away from the music so as not to spoil the musical experience of others.

Reserving Tickets

Guarantee entry to the concerts by reserving a ticket beforehand.

Reserve tickets by emailing Mark Wallace at Musically Monstrous
or by buying them through WeGotTickets with a 10% commission.

Reserved tickets must be collected by 7:45pm to ensure entry.

All Musically Monstrous tickets can be purchased herewe got tickets